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Mining & Exploration


 Mining & Exploration

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Getting Ready to Mine!

Every player starts their journey with all the equipment they need to get mining! Put on your mining backpack and pickaxe in the Equip Menu. Add pets to help you mine in the Pet Menu. We call these pets Pixel Miners!

Now that you’re ready to get started, mine the block in front of you by clicking or tapping anywhere on the screen!

If your pet has an ability, you can tap the button at the bottom of your screen to use it. There are 6 pet types, all with their own unique abilities to help you mine the way you want!

Once your dustpack is full, you won’t be able to mine anymore! Head over to the Dust Depot to sell all of the dustyou’ve collected for gold. Now you have more space in your dustpack!

Head over to the mining supply shop to spend your gold on more powerful mining tools and larger dustpacks!

The goal of each round is to excavate a large video game artifact before time runs out. As you help uncover the artifact, you will also earn gems!

Spend gems at the pet shop to buy and upgrade your Pixel Miners! There are 37 pets to collect in our Beta release!

Once you’ve excavated enough artifacts, take your spaceship to new parts of the Pixel Miners world! You may find many other valuable resources along the way.